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  • “Students are proud of their school and as a result, attendance is high” Ofsted 2013
  • “Teachers know how to make learning relevant and fun, while having very high expectations for what students should achieve.” Ofsted 2013
  • “Students behave exceptionally well and their excellent attitudes to learning are a significant factor.” Ofsted 2013
  • “Teaching is outstanding and consistently strong across all year groups.” Ofsted 2013
  • Since the time of the last inspection this outstanding school has continued to improve. Ofsted 2013
  • “Teaching is outstanding and consistently strong across all year groups.” Ofsted 2013
  • “All students regardless of their starting points, age or background make excellent progress in their lessons and over time. By the time they leave school, students attain many externally accredited awards which celebrate their outstanding achievements”. Ofsted 2013
  • Senior leaders’ relentless drive to improve the quality of teaching is very successful and all staff work exceptionally hard to ensure students achieve their very best. Ofsted 2013
  • The local authority uses the school as a model of best practice and the Headteacher has supported a number of schools to improve, both locally and nationally. Ofsted 2013


I would like to welcome you to our school website.  We aim to regularly update the website to keep our parents, pupils, staff and all other stakeholders as well informed as possible.  I hope that you find the information it contains timely, relevant and accurate; please do not hesitate to contact the school if you require any further information.
Linda Jones (Head Teacher)


Sept 2016



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Term Starts
Monday 5th Sept 16